What started out as an idea to help a small group has grown into a collaboration of people who embody the purest form of the meaning community. Together we can and do form the collective community for our own lives, and the businesses we are each developing. This is the heart behind Brilliance and Business. A community of like minded entrepreneurs who work in cooperation for each other’s successes while creating a world that makes a difference.

Welcome to Brilliance and Business!

Our Brilliance is in Our Differences

We invite you to become a part of a community that is different than any other. The foundation of Brilliance and Business is that none of us have grown to where we are in our lives, personally or professionally, by ourselves. We want and need the uniqueness of who you are and what you do to be an essential piece within the community. What you offer is just what someone else needs. What you need is just what someone else offers. Best part, this community is all about creating win-wins for everyone! We are saying “we” because Brilliance and Business is all about “we” and “us” – you are not alone!

We Believe

  • Growth & Opportunity for Everyone!

    We believe in having a community that supports growth and opportunity for everyone. We desire and want everyone to benefit not just a select few.

  • Learn and Support Each Other!

    We believe in creating a community where we can learn from each other, and truly support each other for personal and professional growth.

  • Wisdom Gained Wisdom Shared!

    We believe that we have each grown because someone has given us wisdom, and we want to give back to others.

  • Right Match for the Right Person!

    We believe that we are all different and unique for a reason. Not every client is your perfect match, not every niche is your specialty. We honor each other’s differences and agree to respect everyone. We make referrals amongst each other, so the client gets the best service for them.

  • Horizontal Growth verses Hierarchy with Vertical Growth!

    We believe we can be in a community where everyone gets ahead by helping others. As you move forward, you reach your hand out to help someone else who hasn’t yet gotten as far as you are. Think of this as some people are farther along the journey, and willing to help you grow on your your path.

  • We Believe in You and the Community of Brilliance and Business!

The Ultimate Resource List

for every Entrepreneur

Collection of over 40 resources (most free) that will save your time, money, and stress with this collection of resources to grow your business.

    • Our "go-to resource" for applications to schedule time with clients, sharing information, lead generation, office management, accepting payments, and organization
    • Save yourself time, money, and stress from researching who and where to go to. We have already done the work, and we use these

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